Welcome to ZMREPO
A ZoneMinder RPM Repository

This repository provides a turn-key solution for the installation of ZoneMinder on RedHat based Linux distributions. Any dependencies not found within the particular Linux distribution's base repository will be included in this repository.

The following distributions are supported:

F24 (Fedora 24)
F25 (Fedora 25)


Distribution Version Repository Arch
Fedora 24 release source i386 x86_64 armhfp
testing source i386 x86_64 armhfp
25 release source i386 x86_64 armhfp
testing source i386 x86_64 armhfp
CentOS/RHEL/SL 6 release source i386 x86_64 n/a
testing source i386 x86_64 n/a
7 release source n/a x86_64 n/a
testing source n/a x86_64 n/a

Before starting, first verify you have a clean system.
Remove or disable any third party repositories you were previously using.

Select your Distro to Display the Appropriate Installation Instructions:

Fedora users should place the line "exclude=zoneminder*" into their base & update repo yum/dnf config files (/etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo and /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo). This will prevent the system from using the ZoneMinder package built by the Fedora team, which does not include ffmpeg or libvlc support.

Once ZoneMinder has been installed, it is critically important that you read the README file under /usr/share/doc/zoneminder. ZoneMinder will not run without completing the steps outlined in the README.

Nightly builds are now available in the testing repo. To enable the testing repo, first install ZoneMinder using the normal instructions, then follow the instructions shown here.